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Unleash the power of your subconscious mind.

Most people only use 10% of their brain. Why stop there?

The Mind Power Journal is based on specific dynamic principles.

These principles are as invisible and as real as electricity. They are built into the fabric of the universe and have been proven to work for anyone who is willing to use them.

Are you willing to spend a few minutes each day to live the way you want? The Mind Power Journal is your key to unlocking your power to do so.

I hope you will join me in making the most of your life.

With The Mind Power Journal, you can:

  • Heal and release the emotional damage caused by painful experiences and negative beliefs.
  • Become aware of your hidden talents and abilities.
  • Develop a mindset that attracts the right kinds of people and opportunities into your life and keep you focused on what is best for you, regardless of other people’s opinions.
  • Redirect your thought patterns to bring happiness, success, and peace of mind into your life.

About the author.

My name is Marilynn Champion and I want you to know why I wrote The Mind Power Journal.

I began my career as a teacher in an inner city high school. I soon realized that my students needed more than what was being taught in my classroom if they were to succeed in life.

When I first wrote The Mind Power Journal , I printed it and gave it away to people who needed help. I stopped printing it during a long struggle with a potentially fatal illness.

I thank God that I am now in perfect health. I believe in the power of the mind body connection. The mental exercises in The Mind Power Journal gave me the tools that helped me in my fight for life.

When I learned that people were still searching for The Mind Power Journal, I decided to publish it again.

I now live in the house I described in the first chapter of The Mind Power Journal with my wonderful husband, Edward. He walked into my life, at just the right time in my life.

I hope you will join me in learning how to do the mental programming that can help you to make the most of your life. It really works!

Marilynn Champion

Life is a precious gift. Why don’t you make the best of it?